Friday, June 6, 2014

PIRATE / CUPCAKE art is up! The vote is on!

Ooo... trippy!Hello world!  Welcome back to the art challuunge!  It’s been another grand week here on earth!  What  with the planet rotating around the sun at a very comfortable pace; the gravity has been doing a wonderful job at keeping everyone grounded; and the oxygen that we all breath is still being provided, in part, by the trees we all love and enjoy climbing… unless you don’t like climbing, then ignore that last one, but I bet you enjoy breathing now don’t you?  I thought so… so anyway… <sigh> It’s just a good time to be alive!  That’s all we’re saying.  That’s all we’re getting at.  Let’s move on, shall we?

Your words for next week will be:



Thanks everyone for tossin in cookies this week.  And a BIG shout out to our newbie, Brian D.!  Woot!

Here are the submissions for this week’s words:


Don’t forget to vote at the end for one or all your favorites!


Brian D.:Brian Doyle

Chocolate Thunder:Chocolate  Thunder



Pineaple:Pirate Map


Here’s the part you aren’t supposed to forget about!

V. to the O., to the T., to the E.!