Round 71: Brain / Craft ART

Another wonderful week… another wonderful art challuunge has been devoured.  Thanks to everyone for throwing in this week. 

Andrew won last week and he has chosen:

Next week’s words: Jackalope / Lantern

And now, without further ado… your submissions for Brain / Craft.  Enjoy and don’t forget to vote!


Andrew JohansonAndrew_BrainCraft

Andy MooreAndyMooreBrainCraft

Danny DevineDannyDevine_BrainCraft

Wurm Deen #1Wurm_BrainCraft1

Wurm Deen #2Wurm_BrainCraft


Only a few hours left…

My how the time seems to fly by these days… why, I remember it seemed like just the other day that we announced this week’s winner.  Oh, how the weeks grow up so fast.  Well, anyhow… it’s only a few hours until we reveal this week’s artwork for Brain / Craft .  If you aren’t doing much on lunch, it’s the perfect time to whip something out real quick like.  Have a great one and we’ll see you around 2-ish.

Voting results for Swamp / Beetle…

With a whopping 46.2% of the vote, this week’s winner is… Andrew Johanson!  Congrats Andrew.  Please get us your 2 random words by this Friday.

Don’t forget about this week’s words: Brain / Craft

See you all on Friday!