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Air.  Water.  Fresh playdoh.  Food.  Asparagus scented pee.  Debatably, these are things that everyone loves.  Hello people of the internet world.  Welcome to another round of the Random Words Art Challuunge (R-WAC if you’re hip) where we strive to be another thing that everyone loves.  It’s that time again… time to settle into your favorite internet viewing spot, brew up some mushroom/serotonin tea and let go of the week’s ailments… it’s your time.  It’s YOUR time right here… but that’s all over if you DON’T relax, like Frankie say…  Just give into the calgon moments… and oh, don’t forget to call your mother this weekend… phone home.  Thanks to everyone for throwing in this week.  It’s been a pleasure posting up your creativity, once again.  You all are the rubiks to our cube.

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Gargoyle Picking Nose DANimal!  You won!  Happy day to you!  Now, don’t forget to come up with two random words for next week’s challuunge by Friday!

Speakin of Friday, that’s when this week’s art is due.  2pm-ish.  And like a perfect segway, here is some inspiration for this week’s words…



noun of a class of spiritual beings; a celestial attendant of God. In medieval angelology, angels constituted the lowest of the nine celestial orders (seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominations or dominions, virtues, powers, principalities or princedoms, archangels, and angels).

2.a conventional representation of such a being, in human form, with wings, usually in white robes.

3.a messenger, especially of God.

4.a person who performs a mission of God or acts as if sent by God: an angel of mercy.

5.a person having qualities generally attributed to an angel, as beauty, purity, or kindliness.

6.a person whose actions and thoughts are consistently virtuous. attendant or guardian spirit.

8.a deceased person whose soul is regarded as having been accepted into heaven.

9.a person who provides financial backing for some undertaking, as a play, political campaign, or business venture: A group of angels entered the mix, providing George the leverage he needed to take the startup company in a new direction. Angels seek deals that they can exit in less than a decade. English gold coin issued from 1470 to 1634, varying in value from 6s. 8d. to 10s. and bearing on its obverse a figure of the archangel Michael killing a dragon.

11.Slang. an image on a radar screen caused by a low-flying object, as a bird.

Descending Angel - Misfits Accordion Cover:



1.of, pertaining to, proceeding by, or involving synthesis (opposed to analytic ).

2.noting or pertaining to compounds formed through a chemical process by human agency, as opposed to those of natural origin: synthetic vitamins; synthetic fiber.

3.(of a language) characterized by a relatively widespread use of affixes, rather than separate words, to express syntactic relationships: Latin is a synthetic language, while English is analytic. Compare analytic ( def 3 ) , polysynthetic ( def 1 ) .

4.Also, syn·thet·i·cal. Logic. of or pertaining to a noncontradictory proposition in which the predicate is not included in, or entailed by, the subject.

5.not real or genuine; artificial; feigned: a synthetic chuckle at a poor joke.


a.noting a gem mineral manufactured so as to be physically, chemically, and optically identical with the mineral as found in nature.

b.(not in technical use) noting a gem mineral manufactured and pigmented in imitation of a natural gemstone of that name.

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