Last Challuunge of 2010: 80s / Mercury / Winter

 Thanks for a great year, everybody.  We'll see you  in 2011.  Until then have a great time with family and friends.

Jason 'Wurm' Deen

Dayan Paul

Andrew Johanson

Snow Day

No R-WAC today folks.  It's a snow day!

Biplane / Tiki / Treatment: ART

IT' THE FIIIIINAAAAAL COUNTDOWN! [ba-nana-NA dada nunaNA]  That's right, this is the second to last Challuunge of 2010.  Big thanks to all those that threw in this week.

Adina Peterson 1

Adina Peterson 2

Andrew Johanson

Dayan Paul

Naoki Fujiwara

Shane Henrichsen

Wurm Deen

That's it!  We'll see you next week for 80's / Mercury / Winter.

The final voting poll of 2010

Tis the season to be arty... R-WAC, R-WAC, R-WAC... R...WAC... R...WAC...

Get your votes in people cuz this is it.  This will be the last voting poll of 2010, so click away below and let your voice be heard!  We will return in January for more random words fun for all you lovers of art.

Don't forget your artwork for Biplane / Treatment / Tiki due by 2pm tomorrow.

PS.  The R-WAC blog WILL continue next year, but we are going to be making some changes.  Feel free to comment on this post, or drop us an email, with any suggestions... I can say that the new blog for next year will be different, but change is good... especially if you need gas.

Maze / Plantation / Queen: ART

Good show, everyone. These were not easy words. Many thanks to all that threw in. I think we have a first-timer too from Scott Swaney. On to the art!!

Dayan Paul

Naoki Fujiwara

Scott Swaney

Wurm Deen

Cory Fleming

Adina Peterson

Andrew Johanson

We'll see you next week for Biplane / Treatment / Tiki.

Get chore vote on, yall!!!

Hey, voting is upon us this week and we are ready to listen to your voice. Don't forget your Maze / Plantation / Queen
due tomorrow by 2pm. This is also when the voting will end, but you knew that, didn't you?

This week's words...

In case you wanted to post some art, it's due by this Friday at 2pm.  The words are:

Maze / Plantation / Queen

Word up.

Crack / Cobweb / Growth: ART

And we're back. I forgot to send out a "pleas vote" email yesterday so voting will be open until Monday at 2pm. The poll is on the right hand side of the page.

Andrew Johanson

Naoki Fujiwara

Wurm Deen

See you next time.


If you look a couple inches over to the right you will see a poll for next weeks words. Get to it!

More Delays

Well it looks like you've got one more week for your Crack / Growth / Cobweb entries.  What can I say, sometimes we get lazy.  The workin' days are extra hectic at Art Challuunge HQ this time of year.  Starting next week we should be able to get things back on track with weekly Challunge goodness.  See you then.

Rock / Spore / Turkey artwork...

Ok, now I know there are more of you out there than this...  but you know, this Wurm guy is the only one that took the challuunge for Rock / Spore / Turkey.  So, without further ado... the champion of the entire universe... weighing in at 4 million sub-atomic particles... it's the singular submission for the roughest week of words yet... Give it up jahl!

Wurm Deen:

Please join us next week for: CRACK / GROWTH / COBWEB.

Rock the Vote

Voting time! Voting time! It's voting time!  Excellent!

RWAC sleeps for an entire week...

It's that time again to vote but guess who got too busy to get it together for you this week?
Any ideas?
It was us... that's who.
So how's about we make it another two weeker, eh? That sound fair to you? Oh good. I am glad we had this little chat. Enjoy your Halloween and let's make it a ...good week next week, shall we? Ok, we'll do the same here at the RWAC Institute of Procrastinators Inc.

Tree / Blue / Eyeball: ART

Hoorah Challuunge! We could use a Challuunge fight song. You know the sort of things that high schools and colleges have that no one knows the words to (at least I didn't). Anyway, if you've got an idea for one you should send it in. It will count for three Art Challuunges in your name. That's right, we're keeping track! Okay, no we're not.

Wurm Deen

Andrew Johanson

Aaron Pena

We'll see you next week for Rock / Spore / Turkey.

RWAC voting...

I'm an RWAC and that's ok
I like to vote all freakin day
So get your votes in and try your luck
It's never too late to give a f... iretruck... to your kids to play with... you know... ah, never mind...
oh, hey... while you're hear and reading this, pick a set of random words below, won't cha?

Giraffe / Rider / Insect: ART

Yay giraffes! And thanks to everyone that threw in this week.

Wurm Deen

Naoki Fujiwara

Kay R. Warren

Danny Devine

Adina Peterson
Alex White
Andrew Johanson
Cory Fleming
We'll see you next week for Tree / Eyeball / Blue!!!

Round 56 Voting


Did the extra words scare away some Art Challuungers this week... maybe. Did this particular Challuunge co-founder finish theirs... nope. But some people did, and they are awesome. We'll see you next week for Giraffe / Rider / Insect.

Kay R. Warren (with all six words)

Naoki Fujiwara (with the first three)

Naoki Fujiwara (with the second three)

Andrew Johanson (didn't finish, only two words)

Round 55 Voting

Panda / Female / Hacky Sack: ART

Art Challuunge time!! This week's words were extra weird but you guys still came through. We've got a tie for next week which means you can pick three out of the six or jam in as many words as you can. The words are: Birthday / Drug / Factory / Underwear / Zeppelin / String. See you next week!

Danny Devine

Andrew Johanson

Dayan Paul

Naoki Fujiwara
Kay R Warren

Round 54 Voting