LIBRARY / BIRD art is up. Voting time!

"Oooo, lobster chicken feather man want to play with girl's dolly!!!"

♪ ♫  Got 5 on it!  ♪ ♫

Welcome to the challuunge!  We’ve gathered up the best of the best, or at least all those that submitted their art, and have a special presentation for your peepers right here!  Join us in taking in the art for this week’s random words.  Thanks to all those that threw down this week. 

Random is a very loose term used on this blog and often times it turns out that the words are not all that random.  The winner of each week’s challuunge get the unique chance to pick the words for the following week.  It’s completely up to them if they intentionally pick the words for some devious and delectable plot twist, or if they make it a random selection.  In the event that you become the winner and you need an internet spot to pick some words at random… this is one that’s pretty good:

One thing that we can guarantee WILL be random on this here blog, is the pictures that top the blog posts.  We’d like to thank really weird people that post up strange stuff on the interwebs for not suing us when we come across your crazy random pics and use them as we see fit.  You are the true heros.  Also, sometimes we get a hankerin’ to make a meme or picture with words that pertain to the post.  These take time so make sure you thank the loon-balls at R-WAC for being completely off their rockers… actually don’t do that… they get very nervous when humans talk to them.

Well, now that we have that off our proverbial chest, on to next weeks words, which will be:




And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

This week’s art for LIBRARY / BIRD:



Hot Rod:HotRod




And here it is… the voting thingie where you can cast your vote or votes for your favs!  Enjoy!

Winner announced and inspiration!!!

Give it up for this week’s winner, Pineaple!  Woot diddely woot! 
Now get chore random words in by Friday @2pm and nobody gets hurt!


Inspiration for this week’s words, due Friday @ 2pm: