And now for this week’s art…

art is posted up
Hello there.  Yes, it has been two weeks so here we are again.  The art is posted below.  You know the drill: pick your favorite submission from this week and vote for em.  Thanks to everyone that threw in this week.
Next week’s words are:


Let us get to the art, shall we?
Submissions for LIZARD / RETRO:

Adina Peterson:Adina Lizard Retro
Amber Buroughs:
Andrew Johanson:Andrew_Lizard-Retro
Paul Kluka:Paul-Kluka_RetroLizard
Wurm Deen:wurm_Lizard_Retro


Decision, you must make. Vote, you must do.

LIZARD / RETRO is extended one week…

Looky looky, R-WAC's being lazy again... isn't that cute... well, one day they will get thier act together... someday. Sorry for the late delayed message, but there were things out of our control last week that prevented the art for LIZARD / RETRO from being posted.  So we here at art challuunge wanted to give it another week.  Get your submissions in, these are good words people. 

See you around Wednesday for another nag email/message and then on Friday for the posting and voting and such.