R-WAC: Weekly submissions have been posted

DING!!!  The 2pm deadline has arrived!  Ok folks, here are your submissions for this weeks words OLD / Viking.  The poll is posted below the submissions for everyone to vote on their favorite one. 
We will announce the winner of this week’s challuunge on Monday 1/17 @ 2pm.  The winner will then have until Friday 1/21 to get us two random words.  These will become the words for the following week’s challuunge (1/24-1/28).  As for this week’s challuunge:
Radioactive / Butterfly
Due next Friday January 21st @ 2pm.
(Please click the pictures for a larger view before casting your vote.)
Adina Peterson:Adina - Old Viking
Danny Devine: DannyDevine_OldViking
Scott Swaney: ScottSwaney_old viking - revised for everyone
Steve Charem: Steve Charem_BRETT FAVRE OL VIKING
Todd White:
Todd White_OldViking-01
Wurm Deen: Wurm_OldViking 

PS. Here is a late submission from Dayan Paul. Sorry man, you can't be in the voting pool this week since your submission was received after 2pm, but thank you for your submission!


Just a couple o more hours…


This week’s art challuunge is due in a couple of hours.  Have you done yours yet?  Just one art challuunge submission a week will make you a healthier person and will produce disease fighting antibodies that will ward off dragon attacks in dark alleys (which happens more than one might think).

Count down begins… 9… 8… 7…

Weekly Challuunge: The Nag Post


Old-viking-coloring-pageGood day to all Art Challuungers of the world!  We are happy to bug you about your submissions for this week’s challuunge.  The words for this week are OLD / VIKING.  Have you started your photo session/pencil sketch/cooking project/crayon creation/quick dry cement sculpture yet?  NO!?  Well why not start something now?  I mean, it won’t hurt at all and will only get those creative juices flowing that you may not have felt since that sophomore art class you took back in high school… To the left is the first pic that Google Search pulls up when you type in OLD / VIKING.

So head on out into the great wide open and create something this week.  Your brain will thank you!

Don’t forget to visit the monthly Art Deck Blog where we will be posting our updates weekly.  I know, a monthly blog with weekly posts… but check out the HOW IT WORKS tab at the top of the page for more explanation.