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Do you ever get that itch… you know the one, it’s deep down, you can’t scratch it no matter how hard you rub… that burning sensation that it’s time to vote for your favorite art challuunger?  Well have we got a product that’s sure to itch that itch to pure satisfaction… R-WAC!  It’s the Random Words Art Challuunge!  It slices, it dices, you could even cut a tin man with it, but you wouldn’t want to!  Get your itch fix with the Random Words Art Challuunge… all the art is posted below and you can cast your votes at the end.  It’s like a multipurpose itch cream and soothing bubble bath with snoop dog crooning to you as you relax in an abandoned warehouse… all wrapped up in a nice bloggy package.  Act now!  Supplies are running low!  So don’t miss this opportunity to vote and have it actually count!

Next week’s words were brought to you by the number 6, and last week’s winner, Dana:




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Chocolate Thunder:Chocolate Thunder


Hot Rod:HotRod



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Winner! Inspiration for the week’s words…


Dana!  It tis YOU!  YOU won the challuunge!  Congrats to you on your achievement! Now, you owe two random words by this Friday! 

Friday.  The beloved day of the week that ends a typical work week and is the beginning of an epic weekend.  It is figuratively the end of the beginning.

Get your inspiration for this week’s words (TENSION/GROVE) below, due on Friday, by 2pm.


1.the act of stretching or straining.

2.the state of being stretched or strained.

3.mental or emotional strain; intense, suppressed suspense, anxiety, or excitement.

4.a strained relationship between individuals, groups, nations, etc.

5.(not in current use) pressure, especially of a vapor.

6.Mechanics .

a.the longitudinal deformation of an elastic body that results in its elongation.

b.the force producing such deformation.

7.Electricity . electromotive force; potential.

8.Machinery . a device for stretching or pulling something.

9.a device to hold the proper tension on the material being woven in a loom.

Depeche Mode – Fragile Tension:


1.a small wood or forested area, usually with no undergrowth: a grove of pines.

2.a small orchard or stand of fruit-bearing trees, especially citrus trees: a grove of lemon trees.

Sublime – Garden Grove: