Today’s art challuunge submissions are up!

art is posted copy Hi folks.  Here are this week’s submissions for: HELICOPTER / HIGHLANDER.  Don’t forget to vote for your favorite.  Thanks to those that threw in.  And for the rest of you… well, maybe next week’s words will inspire you a bit more than this week’s:
Next week’s words are brought to you by the letter W:

And now, on to the HELICOPTER / HIGHLANDER art:
Andrew Johanson:Andrew_Helicopter-Highlander
Pinaple Guasch:

Wurm Deen


Dear Art Challuungers…

Here, have a virtual pen.  It does a body good!

Time to grab a pen, or pencil, or crayon, or quill, or some other writing utensil, and do up a submission for HELICOPTER / HIGHLANDER.  I mean if you aren’t doing anything for lunch other than eating some food, why not bust out a sketch or two?  You could even visit the interwebs and Photoshop yourself a funny or exciting picture.  Take that napkin that you used to dab the barbeque sauce from the corner of your mouth and fold it into a creative origami piece.  Instead of spitting out your gum today, why not mold it into a master piece sculpture that the whole world will envy.  Put that copy machine to work and photocopy various body parts and draw over the tops of them.  Hell, the possibilities are literally endless, so get on out there and have fun with it!  See you on Friday, around 2-ish…

And this week’s winner is…

I often wondered if this was a way to voluntarily put yourself on a "pervert" list with some company...  I mean reall?  With an impressive 61% of the vote, congrats go out to Paul Kluka!  You are this week’s winner!  Thanks to everyone for your submissions!  Paul, you have until this Friday to get us two random words for next week’s challuunge.

As for the present, your words this week are HELICOPTER / HIGHLANDER.  Here are some definitions that may or may not help you in coming up with a concept this week:

Hel·i·cop·ter [hel-i-kop-ter, hee-li-]

1.any of a class of heavier-than-air craft that are lifted and sustained in the air horizontally by rotating wings or blades turning on vertical axes through power supplied by an engine.

verb (used without object) fly in a helicopter.

verb (used with object) convey in a helicopter.

High·land·er  [hahy-luhn-der]

1.a Gael inhabiting the Highlands of Scotland.

2.a soldier of a Highland regiment.

3.( lowercase ) an inhabitant of any highland region.


1.a native of the Highlands of Scotland

2.a member of a Scottish Highland regiment