Art is posted for Suspenders / Warrior…

art is posted up

Hey, thanks to everyone that threw in this week!  We have a new comer, Mike Fraley, so let’s make him feel welcome.  Before we get to this week’s submissions, let’s get next week’s words out of the way, shall we?  I sincerely hope that we have some fresh meat next week because these randomly chosen words by ol’ Andrew sure are doozies!  I sense there will be many cutsey and cuddly submissions for this one.

Next week’s words are:


Ok, with out further ado, your submissions for this week’s words: Suspenders / Warrior:

Danny Devine:DannyDevine_Suspenders_Warrior-

Mike Fraley:MikeFraley_Suspenders_Warrior

Wurm Deen: wurm_Suspenders_Warrior


And the winner is…


Hey folks, we have found a winner for Tarzan / Tentacle:  Andrew Johanson.  Andrew, you have until this Friday to come up with two random words, you lucky guy! 

As for this week’s challuunge, have YOU started a Suspenders / Warrior submission yet?  Here are some things that just might inspire you…  See you this Friday around 2PM.

Very important instructional video