Element / Fiction Artwork

Holy crap it’s already Friday.  You’ve got a job to do before we get to well-wished for the weekend.  That job, checking out this week’s art and voting for your favorite.  Not too bad, right?

Next week’s words:  Robot / Fluffy

On to the art!!

Alec Cremeans

Andrew Johanson

Mike Fraley

Pineaple Guasch

Jason ‘Wurm’ Deen


And the winner is…

ring ring ring, that's my cell


With 52.9% of the vote, Adina!  You are the lucky winner of last week’s art challuunge!  Congrats to you… now you owe us two random words by this Friday.

Don’t forget this week’s words:

Element / Fiction

See you Friday for the art!  Woot!