Art is posted for Fishing / Costume, get voting!


It’s on, yall… the art is posted below.  Now don’t get too overwhelmed, I know there are a lot of pieces to chose from, just try to pick one though… ok?  Do we have a deal?  Alright.  I am glad we were able to have this little talk.  Things are much clearer now.  Hey, while we’re at it, don’t forget next week has a set of words that you yourself can create something based on.  I mean, it’s not like we are forcing anyone to do anything, but it would really be nice to see some fresh blood. 

Here are next week’s words:



And now for this week’s submissions for Fishing / Costume.  Don’t forget to vote, eh?

Andrew Johanson:Andrew_FishingCostume

Pineaple Guasch:Pineaple_Costume_Fishing 

Wurm Deen:Wurm_CostumeFishing

And the Lazy/Camera winner is…

Team Work Sept 2010

Mike Fraley and Dave Walden, congrats on your successful teamwork, you have won this week’s challuunge!  Please send us two random words by this Friday, 2PM.

As for this week, well your words are:

Costume / Fishing