Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Ties & delayed Challuunge 4 tryptophan coma!

Welcome back from another wonderful weekend.  It’s now time to ready ourselves for friends, family, food and overindulgence week… so everyone stay safe out there and don’t do anything we wouldn’t do… let’s get on with the winner, shall we?

Our winner last week was:

Holy turkey baster, we have a three way tie!!!  Congrats to Dana, Pineaple and Wurm!  Get back to us NEXT Friday with one word each and we’ll play a special 3 way round of the challuunge!

And you probably guessed it, but we will be delaying the challuunge until next Friday, due to this week’s festivities… That’s right, LEAK / SALMON will be due Friday December 4th by 2pm PST… Enjoy your tryptophan coma’s everyone!