HARLEQUIN / PHYLUM art is ready for votes!

I know, what the hell... if you care to know, this is the little spot that represents the true randomness of the R-WAC.  Random strange pictures are found around the earf and stuck here for all eternity... enjoy!  You've all earned it!

Hello, hello, hello… welcome to this week’s edition of the Random Words Art Challuunge.  It’s is I, Art Challuunge, the voice of the R-WAC experience, here to guide you through this blog’s wonderful and unique display of creativity, artistic talent, and overall internet awesomeness.  We are happy to have you and really hope that you will stay for a while.  Take off your jacket… grab some popping corn… pull up a majorly comfortable chair… Mi blog es tu blog… 



First order of business in this luxurious adventure is the words for next week, which are sponsored by Mike Fritz:



Now that that’s been taken care of, grab your viewing eye-balls and feast your peepers on this week’s art challuunge submissions for HARLEQUIN / PHYLUM… if you so desire:












Reno Geek:





Winner announced… challuunge is on!

And with 33% of the vote, Mike Fritz  you are the lucky winner!  Thanks to everyone’s submissions this week and to all future submitters.  Without you this blog would just be another spam site promising you an easy way to lose weight with one simple tip, just click here and send us your bank account number and all your fortunes and fantasy’s will come true!!!

As for this week’s words, I know, I know… they are a little, hmmm… how do I put this… challuunging!  That’s a great way to put it.  So let’s go with it.  Challuunge yourself and inspire the world to think in a little different way.  Why not?

Here are some inspirational passages from the prophetic book of dictionary.com.  Also, you can view some video inspirations from the gospel of the youtubes.


[hahr-luh-kwin, -kin]
1. ( often initial capital letter ) a comic character in commedia dell'arte and the harlequinade, usually masked, dressed in multicolored, diamond-patterned tights, and carrying a wooden sword or magic wand.
2. a buffoon.
3. any of various small snakes having bright diamond-pattern scales.
4. fancifully varied in color, decoration, etc.: harlequin pants.
5. resembling a harlequin's mask: harlequin glasses.



noun, plural phy·la   [-luh]
1. Biology . the primary subdivision of a taxonomic kingdom, grouping together all classes of organisms that have the same body plan.
2. Linguistics . a category consisting of language stocks that, because of cognates in vocabulary, are considered likely to be related by common origin. Compare stock (  def 13 ) .