Doctor / Cactus art is ready for your vote!!!

Holy Friday afternoon, batman.  It’s that period that follows the week’s sentence… the day that we reveal the art challuunge submissions for you to vote upon. 

Next week’s words (chosen by Andrew) will be: 


View the hard work below and then after the art don’t forget to vote for your favorite. 

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Andrew JohansonAndrew_DoctorCactus

Andy MooreAndyMoore_DoctorCactus

Danny DevineDannyDevine_DoctorCactus

Dayan PaulDayanPaul_Doctor-Cactus

Seth MachSeth_Dr.-Cac-tie

Wurm DeenWurm_doctorcactus


It’s midweek… you gotta a challuunge cookin?

Hey, it’s that time of the week where we here at R-WAC like to send out a friendly reminder about this week’s words.  They are DOCTOR / CACTUS.  There are many different ways you can take this week’s words.  You can go literal, you can go abstract… the limits are, well… limitless.  We just love seeing how everyone interprets the words. 

Hope to see you hear this Friday for the reveal of all your hard work.  

And the winner is...

Congrats go out to Andrew Johanson!  Andrew, you have until this Friday to come up with two random words. 

Reminder, this week's words are: