Thursday, June 8, 2017

Winner and delay in challuunge!

Well well well, what do we have here? Last week was a great set of challuunges. Your votes have been cast, and counted, and we are now in the midst of last week's winner!

Congrats go out to last week's winner:


WOO! HOO! Congrats man!

Now, this week's challuunge is going to be delayed for super secret reasons that we can't reveal, lest we would have to moidlize you! 

So FIEND / PRONG will be due NEXT Friday June 16th.

Why not start working on something now? I mean, you've got a whole nother week to be as creative as your brain will allow! Get ta steppin!


Pineaple won and will provide 2 new words by NEXT Friday June 16th.

FIEND / PRONG is due NEXT Friday June 16th by 2pm.

Peace out! See you all then!