STAR/WISDOM art’s up! Your votes R needed!

Waiting for the Challuunge makes me anxious!

Hello friends, family, animals that have reading capabilities, and aliens with T1 connection… It is that time again… time to thrust upon the world this week’s Random Words Art Challuunges… time to gather around the computing device of your choice and vote for all of your favorite submissions.  We’d like to throw out a big “hey thanks, jahl” to this week’s challuungers.  It’s been another fine week of hard work, light drinking, and creating of art. 

Next week’s words will be:


And now, here are this week’s submissions for:


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Chocolate Thunder: Chocolate Thunder


Pineaple: Pineaple

Wurm: thedude

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Chocolate Thunder
Poll Maker

Winner… inspiration… cha cha cha…

Dude, like... whatever n stuff...

Well, well, well… if it isn’t a late post about last week’s winner… I know, YOU HAD ONE JOB! Well, that’s not entirely true, but hey… here’s the post just one day late.  Butter late than nuver, is what I say…  Our winner last week is… WURM! Congrats, mang!  Now gather up your most random hunting skillz and get us two random words by Friday at 2pm.

And yes, that’s when this week’s words STAR / WISDOM will be due… Friday at 2pm, that is.

So, why not get started on something today! It’s almost lunch time! Make a food sculpture professing your love for stars and wisdom and what not…

To help you on your way, here’s something inspiring for each word.  Word.