Round 74: Snail / Ship has been posted. VOTE!

Your words for next week, as chosen by Wurm, are due this Friday at 2PM:

Aqua / Hunt

Thank you dear Friday for arriving so pleasantly this week.  We are very thankful to see you time and time again.  Also a huge thanks to everyone for throwing in this week.  It is a great one.  Check out all the submissions and for an art challuunge first, Cory has posted the first ever short story submission!  Please enjoy SNAIL / SHIP:

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Aaron Pena:AaronPena_SnailShip-

Adina Peterson:Adina_SnailShip 

Andrew Johanson:Andrew_SnailShip-

Cory Flemming:

Short story: Ship Snail

=========================== April 11th, 1804 ===========================

No wind.  For the 34th consecutive day, no wind.  The sails lie limp and useless, like an old man in a brothel.  The ship crawls at no more than a snail's pace, and the men are st… Click To Read The Whole StoryClick here to read more… ===============================================================================================


Danny Taylor:DannyTaylor_SnailShip 

Shane Henrichsen:Shane_Snail-Ship 

Wurm Deen:Wurm_SnailShip2



It’s mid-week, just in case you need a reminder.



Yes, it’s that time again… time for R-WAC to bug ya mid-week style.  Hope you are having a great one so  far.  Have you given any thought to this week’s words?  No?  Well, it’s no surprise that we here at the art challuunge are procrastinators at heart, but why not get a jump on this week’s challuunge?  It’s just that easy… put your mind to something and you can accomplish just about anything… even a submission for Snail / Ship

See you on Friday!!!

And the winner is…

Truer words have never been illustrated as well.And our winner this week is: Wurm Deen.  Ok Wurm, you have until this Friday to come up with 2 random words as you see fit. Don’t forget our words for this week:

Snail / Ship

Due this Friday! 

See you all then!