CLEAR / BLOCK art is up for voting!

look at all this week's challuunges

It was a dark and stormy night… all through the land there were people gathering in the town square of R-WAC City;  in order  to view all the artworks brought forth by the submitters, nay, the creators, NAY, thee CHALLUUNGERS!  They set upon the village many submissions for all to view and cast their coveted votes.  To vote for their favorite piece of art based on two randomly provided words from the previous week’s winner.  They alone would be responsible for electing that week’s winner.  They alone would seal the fate of the week’s creations.  They ALONE would choose their R-WAC leader, if but only for the next week. 

And the towns men and women of R-WAC were pleased on a weekly basis, for this is what their web of inter would send to their mail boxes, for the week’s pleasures… Amen.

Oh, so next week’s words will be:


And now, without further random words being typed in order to line up to the size of some weird picture on this blog’s page, here are this week’s submissions for CLEAR / BLOCK.  Don’t forget to vote after all the submissions!








Chocolate Thunder:






Garrett Hill:






Michael Fritz:






Winner announced for HOUND / FOX…

Well folks it’s a day late, but never a dollar short… the winner of HOUND / FOX with 44% of the votes is: Wurm!  Nice job! 

Now, It’s a new year, jahl… why not turn over a new leaf and start up a challuunge?  You could snap a photo, or sketch on a piece of toilet tissue, or grab some snow (or mud) and compose an abstract snow sculpture (watch out for the yellow stuff though), or maybe grab your kids or nephew’s crayons and hit it old school like… whatever you decide, it’s your creativity and it’s up to you to get it out and submitted by this Friday.  Come on, all the kids are doing it now-a-days… have fun.  See you Friday for CLEAR / BLOCK.

Happy New Year to all the challuungers of the world.  It has been one single year since the last new year's celebration and all of you reading this have made it!  Congrats on one more year in the books.  See you all this Friday for CLEAR / BLOCK.