Round 73: Finland / Dog artwork is posted!



“Here I go R-WAC’n my own 
makin art with the only words I've ever known.
Like a drifter I was born to create alone 
  'cos I know what it means to walk along the artsy street of dreams…

Ok enough of that, here are next week’s words provided by Andrew:


…and now onto the submissions for FINLAND / DOG:


Don’t forget to vote after viewing all the submissions!!!

Adina Peterson 1:Adina1-Finland-Dog

Adina Peterson 2:Adina2-Dog-Finland

Andrew Johanson: Andrew_FinlandDog

Andy Moore: Andy-FinlandDog

Danny Devine: Danny_FinlandDog

Dayan Paul: Dayan_DogofFinlan

Wurm Deen:Wurm_FinlandDog


Reminder: DOG / FINLAND due tomorrow, 2pm

Well folks, it’s almost that time… the time where we share this week’s art work submissions for the crazy words that last week’s winner made up, or randomly chose, or asked two completely unrelated questions to two completely unrelated people and submitted both one word answers to the blog.  However you slice it, this week is almost over.  So now’s a great time to come up with a concept or two for this week’s tremendously satisfying random words: DOG / FINLAND.  So click that mouse, or draw that drawing, or sculpt that sculpture… what ever it is you like to do, just do it!  We’ll see you back here tomorrow around 2pm-ish, sound good?  Ok, bye bye now…

And this weeks winner is…

We truely hope you don't mind us using this crazy WTF pic for our little blog announcement... I mean, really... when else is anyone on the planet going to see this pic, or our little blog for that matter.  With a dog walloping 56.3% of the vote this week, give it up for Andrew Johanson!  Andrew, you must come up with 2 random words that will be due this Friday by 2pm.  Incidentally that is also when your submissions for DOG / FINLAND are due.  So start thinkin like a finish puppy… we look forward to seeing everyone’s submissions this Friday.