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check out this weeks art Here we go again, another 7 days has come and gone… another set of words has come and gone.  And here is what we have to show for it.  Check out the submissions and don’t forget to vote!

Next weeks words will be:


Here are this week’s submissions for FIRE / AXLE:

Andrew Johanson:andrew_FIRE-AXLE

Danny Devine:57463716JM002_Donald_Trump 

Wurm Deen:wurm_FIRE-AXLE


FIRE / AXLE submissions due THIS Friday!


You are getting very sleepy.  Your eyelids are dipping and aspiring to connect for a long needed, slumbering meeting.  All that is wrong in the world is now right and your entire being is relaxed beyond former knowledge of relaxation possibilities.  When I snap my fingers you will awaken… refreshed, and ready to create a stunning art challuunge submission this week.  Your words are FIRE / AXLE.  Have fun, be creative, live the dream, have a milkshake every now and then, and never give up on that lost cousin you’ve always had doubts about… they are only human… as we all are.