SCREW / CRUTCH art is up! Time 2 Vote!

"Do these kids even know how to spell?"
Happy last work day of the week… at least for those of us that work Monday - Friday.  For the rest of you, we hope you have a great “what-ever-the-heck-day-it-is-for-you-today” day!    If it’s your Thursday, hang in there, you only got one day left!  If it’s your Wednesday, Mike Mike Mike Mike… if it’s your Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or any of the other days, well, good luck with that… Anyways, we have this week’s challuunge art posted below and they are just about up to temperature, so go ahead and vote for your favorites!  (Make sure you blow on them first, they’re HOT!)  Thanks for everyone that tossed in this week…

Next week’s words will be:


And now, for your viewing and voting pleasures, we present to you, the Art of Challuunge!

This week’s art for this week’s words:


Cleeek on them & make them beeeger!
Vote on them after after!


Chocolate Thunder:Chocolate Thunder



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We have a winner! Art due Friday! Inspiration!

Nun 1: I wonder where Wurm gets his twisted inspirations from?", Nun 2: "That's NUN of your business!" Both: "Hahahahaha!"

Well, another weekend down and another challuunge is in the books.  I trust everyone had a safe Veteran’s Day celebration and everyone bought new matresses and cars?  Well, good. 

Looks like we have a winner from last week!  WURM you twisted bastard!  You are the winner!  Now try real hard to gather two words by Friday so that we may continue this thing we call the Art Challuunge!

This week’s words are: SCREW / CRUTCH

They are due this Friday by 2pm PST.

Here’s some inspiration to help you on your way:







Very Inspirational Video, must watch: