Round 70: Beetle / Swamp ART

There are more important things going on in the world today… but the R-WAC still goes on.  Big thanks to everyone that threw in this week.  Take a look at the art and vote for your favorite.

Next week’s words: Brain / Craft
Provided by last week’s winner, Jason ‘Wurm’ Deen.  You’ve got one week folks.

Dayan Paul


Andrew JohansonAndrew_Beetle-Swamp
Andy MooreAndy-Moore-swamp-beetle 
Danny DevineDanny_Beetle-Swamp

Heh heh,Wurm snuck one in at the last minute.  It won’t be included in the voting, but just for fun.

Wurm Deen



Winners & a nag...

It appears that some folks may not know about our "Winner's Gallery" page. There is a link at the top of the page, or you can just click on this handy link:

Have you started on a submission for BEETLE / SWAMP yet? These seem like some great words. We all look forward to seeing how creative everyone can be.

Thanks for letting us “bug” you again.

Galaxy / Seashell voting results...

And we have a winner with 55.6% of the votes... Wurm Deen!  Congrats to you, Wurm.  You owe us two random words by this Friday, which just happens to be the due date on your BEETLE / SWAMP submissions.

See you then.  Have an excellent week...