The art for HAIRY / GRAVE is up. Vote!

It was a dark and stormy night.  The challuunge of the art was fast upon us.  What with yonder wind blowing as such, we had but a few hours to complete our masterful efforts, or perish into dust. 

Happy All Hallows Eve Eve, jahl… hope yours is full of great times with family and friends. 

Now for next week’s words:


Now for this week’s submissions:

Adina Peterson #1:AdinaPeterson_hairygrave_01

Adina Peterson #2:AdinaPeterson_hairygrave_02

MikeFraley:MikeFraley_hairy grave

Wurm Deen:Wurm_HairyGrave


Reminder: Art is due tomorrow!

Melt you over priced, takin advantage of kids' hard earned dough, doodie head! Summer is over and fall has come.  Tomorrow is the last art challuunge before Halloween… The words are HAIRY / GRAVE.  You do the math.  Hope to see everyone in the entire world submit this week, but would settle for 5 or six… Tomorrow.  2PM.  See you then!