Have you started on your submission yet?

What?  You forgot?  Art Challuunge is back everyone!  Pass it on!  Tell your friends and enemies!  Don’t worry, you all still have until NEXT Friday to send in your PENCIL / NATURE submissions.  Maybe this weekend you might come across something in nature that reminds you of a pencil and you will immediately sketch a thumbnail or write down a clever haiku?  Maybe you will be writing with a pencil and decide to snap a photo on your cell phone and submit that?  Maybe you will happen upon a UFO crash site deep in the wilderness and you will discover that the only way to communicate with the injured aliens is to make invisible drawings in the air with an imaginary pencil, thereby triggering the laughing chemical in their brains which will instantly heal them and permit you to become their leader… write it down!  Take a picture!  Snag pics off the internet and merge em together with Photoshop or GIMP (which is free, by the way).  Sculpt something with your kids playdoh!  Make some paper mache or origami sculptures that have nothing to do with the words, only that they inspired you to do so!  Grab a sharpie and mark up your buddy that’s past out on the couch from drinkin too much caffeine free diet soda… Anything and everything is accepted!  This is between you and your creativity… get it out… let it breath… and for heaven sake, shave that thing! 
Here are some internet pictures of the individual words, for inspiration… do something different today… submit to your creative side and send in an “art challuunge”… but above all: enjoy your life.