CHAOS/BELOVED is up! Time 2 vote!


Ladies and gentlemen… boys and girls of all ages… it is time to bring you the greatest single blog on the entire interweb!  That’s right!  The Random Words Art Challuunge!  It’s dashing!  It’s daring!  There’s ooo’s and ahhh’s and danger abound!  There’s death defying feats of magnificent proportions… and yes, there’s even a little tenderness from time to time.  So kick off your heels, pull up a laptop or desktop, and settle in, for this week’s submissions promise to be one’s you haven’t quite seen before.

Next week’s words will be:



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Thanks to all those who threw in this week.

The challuunges for this week’s words:


Chocolate Thunder:Chocolate Thunder


Hot Rod:Hot Rod


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Winner! Art is due tomorrow!

guitar, string, magnify

Congrats to you Wurm!  You are this week’s winner!  Don’t forget to pick 2 words by tomorrow at 2pm!

Speakin of tomorrow 2pm… that just happens to be when this week’s art is due… so why not start now?  Grab a pile of leaves or snow or pineapples or pencil shavings, and start creating your challuunge for this week’s words: CHAOS / BELOVED.

Here are some inspirations for your inspired inspiration: