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Angry Druids

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there lived a village of humble people that enjoyed nothing more than creating art based on two provided words.  Every week they would hone their skills and pull out different ideas that made up the blog of the Random Words Art Challuunge.  And thus was the way things had always been and always would be, for generations to come… and it was good and damn fun to vote upon, thus the entire village agreed.  Therefore, this post is dedicated to those that provide you 5-6 minutes of art satisfaction every week.  Raise your glasses or steins or sippy cups  to the challuungers!  Huzzah!  You are all appreciated and celebrated here! 
♪ ♫ Don’t stop… creeeaaating! ♪ ♫

Ok, so we had a three way tie for the last challuunge, so we now present to you next week’s three words.  You can use one word, or two, or all three!  Or none at all!  You’re a loner, Dotty!  A rebel!

Next week’s words will be:



And now, for your peeping pleasure… this week’s submissions for


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Chocolate Thunder:Chocolate Thunder


Hot Rod:HotRod



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3-way tie! Inspiration!

triple winners!


This is crazy, insane in the membrane, complete loonacy!  We have a three-way tie!  Chocolate Thunder, DANimal and Shane all win the art challuunge!  Congrats guys!  I say for next week you each come up with a word and we will make it a three word week!  What say you!?!?!

As for this week’s words, here are some inspirations for your eyes and ears:




Pimp Tips - Changing Diapers:



How to Create Latte Art