GAME / VIDEO art’s up! Vote times!


Well well well… we meet again… on this rollercoaster ride of the web.  The art’s posted below, so don’t forget to view and vote for your favorites at the end! Thanks go out to everyone that threw in this week.  You are all the apples of this blog’s eye!  Without you, there would only be random words, and no art challuunge!

Next week’s words will be:

Now, about next week’s challuunge, we’ll be extending it to the following Friday, due to some things “moving” around next week… so we’ll see you all back here NEXT Tuesday April 7th for the results, and that Friday for FRUIT / EMOTION… Woot!


And now, the art for this week’s words:
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A winning inspiration…

We have two winners... well isn't that special...

Thanks for checkin back everybody!  It’s been a great weekend and things are looking up. The answers my friends, are blowin in the wind. If you spit into the wind, make sure you can bob and weave real fast.  You are all beautiful and we hope you all have a great rest of the week!  Thanks for stoppin by…

Now, without further ado, the winner of last week’s art challuunge is:

A TIE!  Pineaple and Wurm, you are BOTH the winners for last week!  Now head down to the train tracks, have someone hold your coats and roll up them sleeves, cuz you’ll have to battle it out to see who picks the words… or you can both just take one each and call it a day…

Anyways, here’s your lazy attempt at inspiration for this week’s words, due this Friday at 2pm: