Maze / Plantation / Queen: ART

Good show, everyone. These were not easy words. Many thanks to all that threw in. I think we have a first-timer too from Scott Swaney. On to the art!!

Dayan Paul

Naoki Fujiwara

Scott Swaney

Wurm Deen

Cory Fleming

Adina Peterson

Andrew Johanson

We'll see you next week for Biplane / Treatment / Tiki.

Get chore vote on, yall!!!

Hey, voting is upon us this week and we are ready to listen to your voice. Don't forget your Maze / Plantation / Queen
due tomorrow by 2pm. This is also when the voting will end, but you knew that, didn't you?

This week's words...

In case you wanted to post some art, it's due by this Friday at 2pm.  The words are:

Maze / Plantation / Queen

Word up.