You so CRAZY / RENO art is up! Voting time!

Welcome back to the Random Words Art Challuunge. It’s our pleasure to present this week’s art in stunning techmocolor! Sit back, grab yourself a cold beverage and let’s start the voting, shall we? Thanks to all of this week’s challuungers for tossing in your creativity! We love you like a kangaroo loves chewing-gum! Have a great and safe weekend!

Next week’s words will be:


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Chocolate Thunder: Chocolate Thunder



Hot Rod:HotRod



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Chocolate Thunder
Hot Rod
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Winner and inspiration for this week…

Pick it up, up, up, and never say never!

Alright all you lovely people, it’s time to say howdy to your favorite R-WAC challuunger! We’ve tallied all the votes and last week’s winner is:

DANA! Woot woot! That’s right DANA! You are now the proud owner of last week’s bragging rights! They can’t be spent in a store or online, but what truly cherished things can? Get on out there and come back with two words by this Friday!

Speaking of Friday, 2pm PST is when this week’s RENO / CRAZY art is due, so maybe get ta crackin on a submission for lunch?

Inspiration: RENO / CRAZY