WINE/HORN art is up, and an announcement…

Hello all, it is that time again.  But before we get down to this week’s art and voting, it is with great happiness and sorrow we bring you two announcements:

  1. Next week’s challuunge is is the 100th challuunge here at the old R-WAC and we wanted to do something special.  So it has been decided that for next week’s words we will offer up 100 random words for you to chose from.  That’s right, you can chose one, or two or ten or all 100.  However you like to slice it.  We hope that participation goes up this week as you may have noticed it’s been a bit sparse as of late.  Which brings us to our next announcement:
  2. Art challuunge will be ending after next week’s challuunge.  That’s right folks, this will be the last and final week for Art Challuunge as you have come to know it.  We are going out of business and everything must go!  So if you ever wanted to participate and create something for bragging rights or just cuz, NEXT week is the week to do it.  Let’s see if we can get the most submissions we have ever had.  Spread the word.  Send it to everyone you know and be as creative as you wanna be!  I hope you all have enjoyed R-WAC as much as we have enjoyed presenting it to you.

So here are your 100 words to chose from this week:

arithmetic stranger goose map
bubble Child Movie crayon
China locket Pug pickle
Eyeliner Tomb Factory cherries
clover Rusted Treasure kite
feet home advice Alien
pocket joke Food Mantis
Claw Tap plane Reef
Mummy Hackensack Knight Rider
Crashing Robotic Bucket boundary
Catapult Zen Heart Explosion
Smoke Scarecrow Viking cellar
Playing Card Clump meat Off
Cat Spirit branch Nautilus
daughter Magic book thread
picture Organ patch Dog
Opal Fork Glutted Dionysus
afterthought calendar apple Ancient
Homeless Sculpture Antlers island
Metal suit cannon London
Jellyfish Music anger Symbiotic
cake Sport Comic Book vein
tub hall hen Rocket
Chainsaw language volleyball Cast
reward afternoon action Matador

See you on Monday for the winner of WINE / HORN.  And here are this week’s art:

Mike Fraley:MikeFraley_wine_horn

Wurm Deen:wine-horn


Art Challuunge’s 100th challuunge is coming…

That’s right folks, NEXT week’s challuunge will be our 100th Random Words Art Challuunge post.  It’s exciting how far we’ve come.  There have been ebbs and flows along the way but we have been resilient, haven’t we.  I encourage you to send this to all your friends, families and enemies and help us celebrate our 100th challuunge… let’s see if we can increase participation, eh?  Whadda ya say?
In the meantime (which is also a great Helmet album) the words for THIS week are WINE / HORN and are due tomorrow at 2pm.  See you then!
Here are some pics for inspiration:

We have a winner!

Pineaple you are the winner this week.  You know tha drill… get us two words by Friday for next week’s challuunge, yadda yadda yadda.

See you Friday for WINE / HORN.

In the mean time, why not enjoy this little parody pic from the intranets. 

all eyes on sheen