Friday, May 5, 2017

FANTASY / SCIENCE art is up! Vote, eh?

Welcome to the show! In our first ring you'll find all the art has been gathered up and posted below for your voting pleasures! So grab a cold one and vote for all your favorites! Thanks to everyone that tossed in! You rock n roll over and over!

Next week's words will be:



And now, this week's submissions for:


Voting is at the end!

Chocolate Thunder:



Pick all your favorites!

Chocolate Thunder
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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Winner announced!

Looks like we have a winner on this holy of holiest star trek days! Congrats go out to DANimal for being last week's winner! Now meet us back here THIS Friday by 2pm with 2 new words, or the BORG will find you!

FANTASY / SCIENCE art is due this Friday (tomorrow) by 2pm PST. Download GIMP, install, create and enjoy your new found love for free software! Just a suggestion! These are good words and would hate to see them go to waste!

See you all tomorrow afternoon!