Art time! Terra/Plasma has been posted.

panels_0003 copyMeanwhile… when we last left our dastardly R-WAC crew, we were awaiting the submissions for Terra / Plasma.  Little did anyone suspect the turn out for one of the strangest set of words would prove to increase significantly from weeks gone by.  Never-the-less R-WAC was poised with the challuunge and had to post up the art and get the ballot for voting stamped.  They owed it to the followers, the blog watchers, the lovers of all things random.  All of the viewers were waiting with baited breath as the 2 o’clock hour approached.  All of a sudden, as if by chance, the blog erupted with the posted artwork, as if the atom bomb it self had paid a visit to the ever growing blog of random words… and the voting would be fierce, my dear friends… Oh yes.  The voting… would… be… fierce.

Your words for next week will be:


Thanks to all those that threw in this week, new and old.  And now, with out further interruptions or strange collections of words to fill up space… this week’s submissions for TERRA / PLASMA.  Enjoy.  And don’t forget to vote!!!


Andrew Johanson:Andrew_TerraPlasma

Andy Morris: AndyMorris_TerraPlasma

Mike Fraley:it's a story yall... just click to enjoy!Lunar prison - By Michael Fraley

As our shuttle landed on the dark side of the moon, I couldn’t help the feeling of total isolation. I stared out towards the terra, or the lunar highlands, the only visible landscape on this desolate orb. It reminded me of the Grand Tetons back home in Montana and jarred memories of how I got into this mess in the first place… Click Here to finish the story.

Pineaple Guasch: Pineaple_Terra_Plasma





And the Fishing / Costume winner is…

the isolator

Andrew Johanson, with 50% of the vote, you are the winner!  Please send us two random words by this Friday… don’t make us hunt you down with our new R-WAC tracking system.

As for this week’s words, don’t forget to get in your submissions by this Friday.  Why not start on something when you are watching TV, or taking your lunch, or supposed to be listening in a meeting, but would rather create something for this week’s challuunge because you feel so compelled.

Your words are: TERRA / PLASMA

TERRA - [ter-uh]

ter·ra; noun

1. earth; land.
2. A rough highland or mountainous region of the moon with a relatively high albedo.
3. A vast highland region on a planet.


PLASMA - [plaz-muh]

plas·ma [plaz-muh] noun

1. Anatomy, Physiology . the liquid part of blood or lymph, as distinguished from the suspended elements.
2. Cell Biology . cytoplasm.
3. whey.
4. a green, faintly translucent chalcedony.
5. Physics . a highly ionized gas containing an approximately equal number of positive ions and electrons.

See you all this Friday.