Round 72: Jackalope / Lantern ART

It’s been yet another week here in the land of the art challuunge… and so without further ado, your art challuunge submissions. 

Next week’s words, chosen very methodically by Danny Devine, are:



Don’t forget to vote after viewing all the submissions!!!

Adina Peterson:Adina_Lantern-Jackalope

Andrew Johanson:Andrew_jackalope-lantern

Andy Moore:AndyMoore_jackalpoe-lantern

Danny Devine:DannyDevine_Jackalope-lantern

Dayan Paul:DayanPaul_JackelopeLantern

Wurm Deen:Print



Hello strangers. Jackalope / Lantern due Friday.

This pic is not ours and we claim no copyrights to it.  It was snagged fair and square off of the interwebs and we are not making any money off of using it, so please don't bug us about it.  If it truely bothers you we will remove it from our fun little blog, but come on... is it really even worth thinking about anymore?  Huh?  I didn't think so.

Just thought we would remind you about the art challuunge.  We’re still here, we just took an extra week for Jackalope / Lantern because we got pretty lazy last week.  So what do you think?  Have you put any thought into a submission?  You know, we wouldn’t even get upset if your submission had nothing to do with the words, but I bet that you would feel much better about it if you let some creative juices flow.  See you tomorrow around 2-ish?  Sounds good to us.