DARK / VISITOR art and voting needs you!

Process of Challuunge-ation Diaramma lamma ding dong.Welcome humans and cats that rule the internets… it’s time.  Time to bring the art to your viewing-balls recessed in your cranium… for visual, and possibly textural, pleasure.  Thanks to everyone that participated this time around.  Thanks, also, to everyone that votes for all of your favorite DARK / VISITORS.  As for the rest of you out there that view this blog every single week and decide, for what ever reason, NOT to vote for your favorite… we have a special place in line at the DMV, reserved just for you! It’s right behind the guy in the T&C Surf Design tshirt with questionable stains, carrying a super big gulp full of questionable liquid… no, no… the other one… next to that guy.  Yeah, him.
Enjoy your gift, ya voyeurs!

Here are next week’s words:

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Bryan Bruner:Bryan Bruner

Chocolate Thunder:Chocolate Thunder






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Chocolate Thunder
Hot Rod
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Time to pick a winner... doot dee doo... WHAT?  TWO winners?  Well I'll me damned!

Double bubble, toil and trouble… we have two winners this week!  What what WHAAAT!?!?  That’s right, the voters couldn’t make up their mind to which self portrait was their favorite, so they have spoken, and selected 2 winners!

Congrats to DANimal and Bryan Bruner!  Each of you owes 1 word by Friday at 2pm.  Don’t forget! 


Now here’s your inspiration for this week’s words, due FRIDAY by 2pm.  You betta ax somebody!



adjective, darker, darkest.

1.having very little or no light:

a dark room.

2.radiating, admitting, or reflecting little light:

a dark color.

3.approaching black in hue:

a dark brown.

4.not pale or fair; swarthy:

a dark complexion.

5.brunette; dark-colored:

dark eyebrows.

6.having brunette hair:

She's dark but her children are blond.

7.(of coffee) containing only a small amount of milk or cream.

8.gloomy; cheerless; dismal:

the dark days of World War II.

9.sullen; frowning:

a dark expression.

10.evil; iniquitous; wicked:

a dark plot.

11.destitute of knowledge or culture; unenlightened.

12.hard to understand; obscure.

13.hidden; secret.

14.silent; reticent.

15.(of a theater) offering no performances; closed:

The theaters in this town are dark on Sundays.


  1. (of an l- sound) having back-vowel resonance; situated after a vowel in the same syllable.

    Compare clear (def 24a).

  2. (of a speech sound) of dull quality; acoustically damped.


17.the absence of light; darkness :

I can't see well in the dark.

18.night; nightfall:

Please come home before dark.

19.a dark place.

20.a dark color.

verb (used with object)

21.to make dark; darken.

verb (used without object)

22.Obsolete. to grow dark; darken.



1.a person who visits, as for reasons of friendship, business, duty, travel, or the like.