Monday, October 10, 2011

And the Fishing / Costume winner is…

the isolator

Andrew Johanson, with 50% of the vote, you are the winner!  Please send us two random words by this Friday… don’t make us hunt you down with our new R-WAC tracking system.

As for this week’s words, don’t forget to get in your submissions by this Friday.  Why not start on something when you are watching TV, or taking your lunch, or supposed to be listening in a meeting, but would rather create something for this week’s challuunge because you feel so compelled.

Your words are: TERRA / PLASMA

TERRA - [ter-uh]

ter·ra; noun

1. earth; land.
2. A rough highland or mountainous region of the moon with a relatively high albedo.
3. A vast highland region on a planet.


PLASMA - [plaz-muh]

plas·ma [plaz-muh] noun

1. Anatomy, Physiology . the liquid part of blood or lymph, as distinguished from the suspended elements.
2. Cell Biology . cytoplasm.
3. whey.
4. a green, faintly translucent chalcedony.
5. Physics . a highly ionized gas containing an approximately equal number of positive ions and electrons.

See you all this Friday.