Friday, April 15, 2011

Round 74: Snail / Ship has been posted. VOTE!

Your words for next week, as chosen by Wurm, are due this Friday at 2PM:

Aqua / Hunt

Thank you dear Friday for arriving so pleasantly this week.  We are very thankful to see you time and time again.  Also a huge thanks to everyone for throwing in this week.  It is a great one.  Check out all the submissions and for an art challuunge first, Cory has posted the first ever short story submission!  Please enjoy SNAIL / SHIP:

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Aaron Pena:AaronPena_SnailShip-

Adina Peterson:Adina_SnailShip 

Andrew Johanson:Andrew_SnailShip-

Cory Flemming:

Short story: Ship Snail

=========================== April 11th, 1804 ===========================

No wind.  For the 34th consecutive day, no wind.  The sails lie limp and useless, like an old man in a brothel.  The ship crawls at no more than a snail's pace, and the men are st… Click To Read The Whole StoryClick here to read more… ===============================================================================================


Danny Taylor:DannyTaylor_SnailShip 

Shane Henrichsen:Shane_Snail-Ship 

Wurm Deen:Wurm_SnailShip2