Friday, February 18, 2011

Doctor / Cactus art is ready for your vote!!!

Holy Friday afternoon, batman.  It’s that period that follows the week’s sentence… the day that we reveal the art challuunge submissions for you to vote upon. 

Next week’s words (chosen by Andrew) will be: 


View the hard work below and then after the art don’t forget to vote for your favorite. 

<Click the Pic for a Larger View>

Andrew JohansonAndrew_DoctorCactus

Andy MooreAndyMoore_DoctorCactus

Danny DevineDannyDevine_DoctorCactus

Dayan PaulDayanPaul_Doctor-Cactus

Seth MachSeth_Dr.-Cac-tie

Wurm DeenWurm_doctorcactus