We gots a winner!

Welcome back friends and fellons and free range internet roamers… I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  It’s time once again to announce last week’s winner… ok, it’s a day late, but since it’s a free “for fun” blog there’s no money involved, so it’s NOT a dollar short… so there…

And the winner is…………………

By the skin of Thor’s teeth, it’s:  Pineaple! 

Yeah buddy!  Congrats, salutations, jubilees and gallivanting, etcetera, etcetera!! Now meet back here tomorrow by 2pm PST and give us our next week’s words, whydon’tcha…

That’s right, this week’s words VOLTAGE / TURKEY are due tomorrow by 2pm pacific standard time zone.  So why not eat your lettuce and gravy sandwich at lunch and sketch up something for the challuunge?  You’ll be glad you did, and hey, you might even take home the coveted prize of bragging rights!  You never know unless  you try…

Here’s some inspiration to assist you on your journey:



Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage




THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)"



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