Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We have inspiration and winner…


Welcome back e’rybody… I trust everyone had a safe and sane holiday weekend, celebrating everything you like to celebrate when a weekend calls for a celebration… Let’s get on with it, shall we?

Last week’s winner is:

PINEAPLE!  You salty dog! Congrats!  Now get on out there in the ether and come back on Friday with two random words.

Yep.  SNAIL / FORMAL art is due this Friday by 2pm PST.  So why not stop everything you are doing and start knitting a snail tuxedo?  Or maybe arrange some matchsticks to form a familiar shape and video tape them being lit?  The possibilities are absolutely limitless!




1.any mollusk of the class Gastropoda, having a spirally coiled shell and a ventral muscular foot on which it slowly glides about.

2.a slow or lazy person; sluggard.

3.a cam having the form of a spiral.

4.Midwestern and Western U.S. a sweet roll in spiral form, especially a cinnamon roll or piece of Danish pastry.



1.being in accordance with the usual requirements, customs, etc.; conventional:

to pay one's formal respects.

2.marked by form or ceremony:

a formal occasion.

3.designed for wear or use at occasions or events marked by elaborate ceremony or prescribed social observance:

The formal attire included tuxedos and full-length gowns.

4.requiring a type of dress suitable for such occasions:

a formal dance.

5.observant of conventional requirements of behavior, procedure, etc., as persons; ceremonious.

6.excessively ceremonious:

a manner that was formal and austere.

7.being a matter of form only; perfunctory:

We expected more than just formal courtesy.

8.made or done in accordance with procedures that ensure validity:

a formal authorization.

9.of, relating to, or emphasizing the organization or composition of the constituent elements in a work of art perceived separately from its subject matter:

a formal approach to painting; the formal structure of a poem.

10.being in accordance with prescribed or customary forms:

a formal siege.

11.Theater. (of a stage setting) generalized and simplified in design, especially of architectural elements, and serving as a permanent set for a play irrespective of changes in location.

12.acquired in school; academic:

He had little formal training in economics.

13.symmetrical or highly organized:

a formal garden.

14.of, reflecting, or noting a usage of language in which syntax, pronunciation, etc., adhere to traditional standards of correctness and usage is characterized by the absence of casual, contracted, and colloquial forms:

The paper was written in formal English.


  1. pertaining to form.
  2. Aristotelianism. not material; essential.

16.Logic. formal logic.

17.pertaining to the form, shape, or mode of a thing, especially as distinguished from the substance:

formal writing, bereft of all personality.

18.being such merely in appearance or name; nominal:

a formal head of the government having no actual powers.


  1. (of a proof) in strict logical form with a justification for every step.
  2. (of a calculation) correct in form; made with strict justification for every step.
  3. (of a calculation, derivation, representation, or the like) of or relating to manipulation of symbols without regard to their meaning.


20.a dance, ball, or other social occasion that requires formalwear. evening gown.

adverb formal attire:

We're supposed to go formal.