Wednesday, July 22, 2015

We have a winner with extra inspiration…


Hey, thanks for checking back to see who won last week’s challuunge. We truly appreciate it.

So, we have a THUNDER/BEAR winner! 

Congrats goes out to:


Now head on out there and come back on Friday with 2 random words.

Here is your inspiration for: HAMBURGER / DANCE


burger of ham


1.a sandwich consisting of a cooked patty of ground or chopped beef, usually in a roll or bun, variously garnished.

2.ground or chopped beef.

3.Also called Hamburg steak. a patty of ground or chopped beef, seasoned and fried or broiled.


movement through expression

verb (used without object), danced, dancing. move one's feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music. leap, skip, etc., as from excitement or emotion; move nimbly or quickly:

to dance with joy. bob up and down:

The toy sailboats danced on the pond.

verb (used with object), danced, dancing. perform or take part in (a dance):

to dance a waltz. cause to dance:

He danced her around the ballroom. cause to be in a specified condition by dancing:

She danced her way to stardom.


7.a successive group of rhythmical steps or bodily motions, or both, usually executed to music. act or round of dancing; set:

May I have this dance?

9.the art of dancing:

to study dance.

10.a social gathering or party for dancing; ball:

Was he invited to the dance?

11.a piece of music suited in rhythm or style to a particular form of dancing:

He liked the composer's country dances.

12.Animal Behavior. a stylized pattern of movements performed by an animal, as a bird in courtship display, or an insect, as a honeybee in indicating a source of nectar.

13.the dance, ballet, interpretive dancing, and other dancing of an artistic nature performed by professional dancers before an audience.

Idioms attendance. attendance (def 3). on air, Slang. to be hanged. to another tune, to change one's behavior, attitudes, etc.