Ode to the winner's reveal...

Welcome back to the challuunge. It was another glorious weekend! Let's get to the winner of last week's challuunge, shall we? 

And the winner for last week's challuunge is none other than:


Woot! Go fetch us two wonderful new random words, won'tcha?

NOTICE: This week's challuunge will be extended to NEXT Friday June 12th. Why, you ask? Well we have some early weekend plans that do not involve posting of the challuunge, so we are extending it.  Is that a good enough reason for you? Heh heh...

Ok, so maybe some of you out there that have not participated in the challuunge can take this opportunity to come up with something for HAPPY / GRIND.

Here's some inspiration that may or may not help you on your journey... See you all NEXT Friday.


Bob Ross Painting Happy Trees... 


Savoy - Grind You Down...



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