Thursday, May 7, 2015

Inspiration and winner announced…

Ok, we are announcing this week’s winner a little late… big whoopty doo, right?  So who won?  Let’s gather up all the votes, count them twice and reveal the winner:

WURM! Woot! Ok, get your spurs all sharpened up and ride on out into the big blue yonder and come back with two GOOD words for next week.

Meanwhile, this week’s words are due tomorrow by 2pm PST. Here’s some inspiration:





1.any of various bivalve mollusks, especially certain edible species.

Compare quahog, soft-shell clam.

2.Informal. a secretive or silent person.


4.Slang. a dollar or the sum of a dollar:

I only made 60 clams a week.

verb (used without object), clammed, clamming. gather or dig clams.

Verb phrases

6.clam up, Slang. to refuse to talk or reply; refrain from talking or divulging information:

The teacher asked who had thrown the eraser, but the class clammed up.



verb (used with object), drove or (Archaic) drave, driven, driving. send, expel, or otherwise cause to move by force or compulsion:

to drive away the flies; to drive back an attacking army; to drive a person to desperation. cause and guide the movement of (a vehicle, an animal, etc.):

to drive a car; to drive a mule. convey in a vehicle:

She drove them to the station. force to work or act:

He drove the workers until they collapsed. impel; constrain; urge; compel. carry (business, an agreement, etc.) vigorously through:

He drove a hard bargain. keep (machinery) going.


  1. to cause the advance of (a base runner) by a base hit or sacrifice fly:

    He drove him home with a scratch single.

  2. to cause (a run) to be scored by a base hit or sacrifice fly:

    He drove in two runs.

9.Golf. to hit (a golf ball), especially from the tee, as with a driver or driving iron:

She drove the ball within ten feet of the pin.


  1. to hit or propel (a ball, puck, shuttlecock, etc.) very hard.
  2. to kick (a ball) with much force.


  1. to chase (game).
  2. to search (a district) for game. float (logs) down a river or stream.

13.(in mining, construction, etc.) to excavate (a mine or tunnel heading).

verb (used without object), drove or (Archaic) drave, driven, driving. cause and guide the movement of a vehicle or animal, especially to operate an automobile. go or travel in a driven vehicle:

He drives to work with me.

16.Golf. to hit a golf ball, especially from the tee, as with a driver or driving iron :

He drove long and straight throughout the match. strive vigorously toward a goal or objective; to work, play, or try wholeheartedly and with determination. go along before an impelling force; be impelled:

The ship drove before the wind. rush or dash violently.


20.the act of driving.

21.a trip in a vehicle, especially a short pleasure trip:

a Sunday drive in the country. impelling along, as of game, cattle, or floating logs, in a particular direction.

23.the animals, logs, etc., thus driven.

24.Psychology. an inner urge that stimulates activity or inhibition; a basic or instinctive need:

the hunger drive; sex drive.

25.a vigorous onset or onward course toward a goal or objective:

the drive toward the goal line.

26.a strong military offensive.


37.noting or pertaining to a part of a machine or vehicle used for its propulsion.

Verb phrases at, to attempt or intend to convey; allude to; suggest:

What are you driving at?


39.let drive, to aim a blow or missile at; attack:

He let drive at his pursuers.