Tuesday, March 17, 2015

We have a winner… and inspiration…

Who that be the winnerer? Hello, and welcome back.  It was a great weekend and green beer day… I hope you and yours were safe, sane, and full of sugarcane… oh, and we were able to determine a winner over the weekend.  Thanks to everyone that voted! And now, this week’s winner is:

Wurm! You creepy crawly non-vertebra-havin-punk-ab-12-sammich-eatin… you are the winner! Congrats!  So get out there and scoop up two random words for next week’s challuunge, due this Friday at 2pm.

Hahaha, 2pm… that’s the same time that this week’s art is due… and it’s on Friday!  What’er the odds?

Well, here’s some things that may or may not inspire you for this week’s words, due Friday by 2pm: