Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Winner, delay, inspiration… oh my!

"Owl bee baaaak! Get in tha chaaapaa!  My painting is aaaaaaasome!"

Hello friends… it’s that time of year again… where the leaves start changing and the street urchin come out of the woodwork and knock on your doors, demanding candy or suffer the wrath of TP and busted ass punkins… It’s such a festive time… so due to this holiday, we will be extending the challuunge to next Friday, November 7th…

Oh, and Pineaple is last week’s winner!  Congrats you tropical ball of winningness!  Now get on out there and gather up two GOOD words for next Friday.  I said GOOD!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your All Hallow’s Eve with your kids or neighbor’s kids or what ever it is you have to take trick or treating… it’s gonna be a blast, I tell ya!  A freakin blast!

So here’s some inspiration for FELINE / CHAIR, due NEXT Friday, November 7th.



1.belonging or pertaining to the cat family, Felidae.

2.catlike; characteristic of animals of the cat family:

a feline tread.

3.sly, stealthy, or treacherous.

noun animal of the cat family.



1.a seat, especially for one person, usually having four legs for support and a rest for the back and often having rests for the arms.

2.something that serves as a chair or supports like a chair:

The two men clasped hands to make a chair for their injured companion.

3.a seat of office or authority.

4.a position of authority, as of a judge, professor, etc.

5.the person occupying a seat of office, especially the chairperson of a meeting:

The speaker addressed the chair.

6.(in an orchestra) the position of a player, assigned by rank; desk:

first clarinet chair.

7.the chair, Informal. electric chair.


9.sedan chair.

10.(in reinforced-concrete construction) a device for maintaining the position of reinforcing rods or strands during the pouring operation.

11.a glassmaker's bench having extended arms on which a blowpipe is rolled in shaping glass.

12.British Railroads. a metal block for supporting a rail and securing it to a crosstie or the like.

verb (used with object) place or seat in a chair. install in office. preside over; act as chairperson of:

to chair a committee.

16.British. to carry (a hero or victor) aloft in triumph.

verb (used without object) preside over a meeting, committee, etc.


18.get the chair, to be sentenced to die in the electric chair.

19.take the chair,

  1. to begin or open a meeting.
  2. to preside at a meeting; act as chairperson.