Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Here there be winners and inspirations…


Welcome back friends and foes of the Art Challuunge.  We have an announcement… All the participants are winners in our book but there can only be one winner when it comes down to it. Except when there is a tie and this week we have two winners. So without further ado about nothing, congrats and salutations go out to our two winners:  DANimal and WURM!  Is it coincidence that they both have animal type nicknames?  I think not!  Thanks guys!  Both of you now owe one word each, so send em into the blog by Friday at 2pm.

Hey, Friday at 2pm… that sounds familiar… oh yeah, that’s also the time and day that this week’s challuunge is due.  Coincidence?  Yes.

So get out your scented markers and collection of bottle caps and get to creatin!

Here’s some inspiration for this week’s words… enjoy!


How many leaves do you see?


1.the season between summer and winter; fall. In the Northern Hemisphere it is from the September equinox to the December solstice; in the Southern Hemisphere it is from the March equinox to the June solstice.

2.a time of full maturity, especially the late stages of full maturity or, sometimes, the early stages of decline: to be in the autumn of one's life.


Is that grover I see on his belly?

noun animal, especially a nonhuman:

the creatures of the woods and fields; a creature from outer space.

2.anything created, whether animate or inanimate.

3.person; human being:

She is a charming creature. The driver of a bus is sometimes an irritable creature. animate being.

5.a person whose position or fortune is owed to someone or something and who continues under the control or influence of that person or thing:

The cardinal was a creature of Louis XI.

6.Scot. and Older U.S. Use. intoxicating liquor, especially whiskey (usually preceded by the):

He drinks a bit of the creature before bedtime.