Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A winner, we have… inspiration for Friday!

Here, have another eye dropper...

As the votes were tallied from Friday to Tuesday, the anticipation was thicker than a plate of glue mashed potatoes… the day had finally come, where the winner was announced.  With the scents and sights of FALL looming in the air, the votes were finally revealed…  Wurm is the winner!  Congrats ya big oaf!  Now get on out there and gather up two random words by this Friday at 2pm.

Friday at 2pm.  Hmm… that just happens to be when this week’s art is due.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Get your nose secretion sculptures and mayonnaise mosaics sent in by 2pm and you will be the proud participant in this week’s challuunge!  Here are the words and some inspiration for your peepers!  See you all Friday!  At 2pm.  Did we mention that’s when the art is due?  Oh this is getting repetitive… Oh that is getting repetitive…



Click it, you know you wanna:

noun, plural (especially collectively) porpoise (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) porpoises.

1.any of several small, gregarious cetaceans of the genus Phocoena, usually blackish above and paler beneath, and having a blunt, rounded snout, especially the common porpoise, P. phocoena, of both the North Atlantic and Pacific.

2.any of several other small cetaceans, as the common dolphin, Delphinus delphis.

verb (used without object), porpoised, porpoising.

3.(of a speeding motorboat) to leap clear of the water after striking a wave.

4.(of a torpedo) to appear above the surface of the water. move forward with a rising and falling motion in the manner of a porpoise:

The car has a tendency to porpoise when overloaded.


Don’t click it, you know you don’t wanna:


1.a sphere or globe:

a Christmas tree hung with brightly colored orbs.

2.the eyeball or eye:

He looks with blind orbs on an indifferent world.

3.any of the heavenly bodies, as the sun or moon:

He lay on the grass, warmed by that orb of day, the sun.

4.a globe bearing a cross; the mound or emblem of sovereignty, especially as part of the regalia of England.

5.Astrology. the number of degrees from exactness within which an aspect operates.

6.a circle or something circular.

7.Astronomy. (formerly) the orbit of a heavenly body.

8.the earth.

verb (used with object) form into a circle or sphere.

10.Archaic. to encircle; enclose.

verb (used without object) move in an orbit. form into an orb or globe; round out.