Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Winner is picked… Art is due this Friday!

That's-a spicy art challuunge-a!

The winner is the person that collects the most votes from Friday to Tuesday.  That person is declared the winner sometime on Wednesday… Thursday at the latest.  That person is then obligated by the rules and regulations of the blogger-net-o-sphere to provide two random words, picked in any fashion seen fit by said winner, send em to by Friday at 2pm...  At which point these words will be revealed to the other participants and thus the cycle continues for eternity, or until the year 3047, which ever comes first…

There-to-hense-forth, JAMES is our winner this week!  Congrats to you you wonderful human being you!!! James get cher challuunge winning keister out there and provide two random words by next week and no body gets hurt!

This week’s words are SELF / PORTRAIT which, by all means and intent, are pretty self explanatory.

Open phone –> open camera –> point at self –> create art based on what you see.  Simple, eh?

See you all here on Friday around 2pm-ish-ish…