Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Winner announced! Challuunge due tomorrow!

Oh myy!

Congrats go out to last week’s winner, Brian D.!  Woot to you, my friend!  WOOT. To. You! 
Now, if you please, send in your words for next week… by tomorrow!  Whaaaaa?!?! <-surprised tone

Speaking of tomorrow, Friday is a holiday for most people around the country, so we will be posting the challuunge tomorrow around 3pm… That’s right, it’s going to be an early bird challuunge this week. Yowsa!  So why not start a doodle, or a trash sculpture, or maybe a potato gun target shooting results abstract piece, or perhaps a collage of magazine clippings for ICON / FUZZY.  Do people even read magazines anymore?  Damned interwebs.

ICON / FUZZY art will be due tomorrow by 2pm, due to 4th of July celebrations on Friday.

Here’s some half-assed googled inspiration: