Friday, June 13, 2014

ELEMENT/VESSEL’s up & needs your votes!


Happy early Dad’s Day everyone.  Make sure you call your dad and tell him to vote for HIS favorite challuunge this week.  It’s not about you this time, it’s about the fathers… the big poppas… the babydaddy’s...  The humans that were half responsible for bringing you into existence, so we all should show our gratitude!  It’s the least you can do… I mean, after all, if your dad was like most dads, he taught you the most important thing in life: his school happened to be a geographical anomaly, as it just so happened to be on top of a hill in the mornings and at the bottom of a ditch in the afternoons, therefore making it the toughest walk to and from because you had to trudge uphill both ways… oh and they apparently didn’t have shoes back then and they always had 6 feet of snow they had to walk in… so why not give him the gift of the art challuunge this year?  It’s artsy, it’s challuunging and dagnabit it’s just plain uphill with two snaps both ways!  >snap, snap<  Hallmark ain’t got spit on us!

Next week’s words will be:




And now, here’s this week’s submissions for ELEMENT / VESSEL.
A big thanks to all those that participated this week.  You are all going to be in R-WAC’s will!

Click, pick and enjoy the crap outta them all!

Don’t forget to vote for your favs at the end!

Brian D.:Brian D.



Hot Rod:Hot Rod



Wurm #1:Wurm_landscape

Wurm #2:Print

Now get your voting clickers ready, cuz this is the fun part!